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Enigma Magic Mushroom

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*NEW* Enigma Psilocyben Cubensis is a rare mutation of two potent strains, Penis Envy and B Plus Tidal Wave. This strain does not produce mushroom fruiting bodies, but instead has characteristics resembling a cauliflower or brain. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

0.05g-0.1g: Microdosing to improve cognitive abilities and reduce anxiety simultaneously providing feelings of relaxation, happiness and improved energy.

0.3g-0.5g: Effects are mild and similar to weed. Expect mild visuals and relaxation. Higher dosage can expect a more body high with light hallucinations and euphoria.

0.5g-1g: Expect colourful visuals, intense feelings of euphora, laughter and joy.

1g-3g: High dose; expect astral projections, vivid hallucinations, philosophical and introspective contemplation, strong body high.

4g+: This dosage is considered to be similar to DMT or Ahahuasca. Expect a mystical experience with intense feelings of love, unity and connection with the universe.

Buy Enigma Magic Mushroom Online USA

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Buy Enigma Magic Mushroom Online USA



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